About Us

E L Tactical

There is no better job, you could ever have, than the one you do because you love it.  It’s no longer a job, it’s a passion, a way of life, an obsession.

I have always loved shooting sports, firearms training, hunting…..everything gun related. I even taught myself (with the help of some great books, and yes….even some YouTube videos) how to engrave, just so I could make each firearm my own. I started making my own gun parts in my little shed out behind the garage, when I couldn’t find just exactly what I was looking for. As it turned out, others liked my parts and ideas as well. Friends and total strangers I had met at the shooting range started asking me to make parts for them as well. 20 plus years later, I am still doing what I love to do every day. And I hope you love the products that my family and I make as well.

From myself and my family,  Thank you for considering E L Tactical.

God bless. Sincerely,

Eddie Leasure

Machining, Engraving, Cerakoting & Laser Stippling

EL Tactical is a fully licensed and capable Custom Machining, Custom Cerakoting, Laser & Hand Engraving, Custom Stippling Patriot. We’re here to serve you. Browse our Shop or Contact us if you need Custom work done.

Laser Engraving

We have several capable machines that do custom laser engraving on most any object. Come up with your own design or let us help you pick out the right image to engrave on your cherished item.


We’ve been machining for over 20 years and have the tools, knowledge and experience to create the right solution for you.


Cerakoting is such a great way to customize your firearm. The colors are vibrant and don’t fade. We’ve come up with a lot of cool options and we want to help you enjoy the same experience.

Lord, Give me the courage to stand between my loved ones and the evils of this world. I thank you for the right to keep and bear these arms, knowing that I may have to use them for such a purpose and yet praying that I never do. Amen